Release Notes


  • Added support for Jenkins 2.361.1-lts


  • Added support for Jenkins 2.346.3-lts. This breaks compatibility with earlier Jenkins versions
  • Bumped versions of the plugins to latest ones supporting Jenkins LTS


  • Fixed using deprecated ID format in Matrix Authorization configuration.
  • Fixed seed job finalizer so it doesn’t halt deleting resources when Jenkins CR is not present.
  • (API) Added groups field to JenkinsAuthorization CR’s Matrix Authorization settings, enabling users to configure permissions for user groups.

Because of a change in API, users need to manually apply the newest version of JenkinsAuthorization Custom Resource Definition (CRD) before updating.

You can find it here.


  • Fixed handling pod finalization.


  • Fixed label matcher/selector.

  • Fixed checking Jenkins readiness.

  • Fixed pod finalization and resource updating.


  • (API) Added podMetadata field to Jenkins CR’s Spec, enabling users to pass labels and annotations to Jenkins pod.

  • (API) Jenkins CR’s spec.podLabels became deprecated.

  • Fixed Operator unnecessarily deleting Roles and RoleBindings.


  • Fixed Jenkins pod image pull secrets validation.


  • (API) Added name field to PVCOptions, enabling users to set names for Jenkins Home PVC and Plugins Cache.

  • Changed default names of PVC to include the name of their respective Jenkins CR.

Helm chart 0.5.0

  • (Breaking change) Renamed homePVC in crs chart to pvcSettings to reflect naming in API.

  • Added name field to Jenkins home PVC settings and plugins cache PVC settings in crs chart.

  • Fixed a bug with Jenkins home PVC settings being incompatible with API.


  • Fixed Operator discarding user-defined init containers for Jenkins.


  • Hotfix for the label selector.


  • Operator can now watch all namespaces.
  • An additional label selector can be configured to filter reconcile requests to Operator.


  • Fixed Operator setting obsolete (as decided in JEP235) agent-to-controller security settings


  • Fixed binding methods in SAML Auth to standardized XML format
  • Fixed comments on features restricted to paid plan in API docs
  • Bumped Go version used in Operator to 1.18.1


  • Fixed a bug with validating and creating Plugin Snapshot configMap


Initial release.